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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


(Joe Zacheus, Liza Louw, Jae, Clinton Philander & Gavin Esterhuizen)

"Surf's Up ... and Away!" (Review by John Harley)

Most appropriately, the Barn Yard opens its season with a wild, vibrant and wacky beach party called Surf's Up!

Expect to find a beach hut, stocked to capacity with exotic cocktails to get the tails wagging; and a show that features a rocking ten piece cast that will take you on a warm, wet and wild musical journey which will include the sounds of Bob Marley, UB 40, the Beach Boys, Kate Perry, Sheryl Crow and Mango Grove!

Let me warn you from the outset, however, that if you are picky, sophisticated and a bit of an intellectual musical snob, u have come to the wrong show! This is a beach party in every sense of the word  -it is loose, loud, fun and frenetic and verging on the manic at times - ie, it is one, big, gi-normous "JOL!"!!!

When I mentioned "Up, UP...and AWaY!", I meant it in a very literal sense. Within minutes the whole audience was out of their seats dancing, waving, swaying, jigging and, of course, doing the Macarena, and every other "ena" you could possibly imagine! Absolutely crazy!

Yet, for the true music lover and connoisseur, there were definitely musical moments that were quite sublime. Regard de Bruin was breathtaking on the guitar, bringing the house down with solo moments that made one's head spin with exhilaration - what a talent! Kirsty Madgin (as usual) was my absolute favourite; she literally becomes one with the sax, it becomes part of her - and then she still looks stunning to boot! Dylan van der Linde (drums), Calli Thomson (keyboards) and Kelley Joubert (bass) completed the band that was quite flawless.

Vocally, Jae and Liza Louw stood out head and shoulders, although each and every performer had their moment in the beautiful beach sunshine! The rest of the cast includes the show’s director Clinton Philander as well as Joe Zacheus and Gavin Esterhuizen.

Having given all the "good stuff", I feel indebted to comment on the nature of this kind of "concert-format" type of production which seems to have become rather predictable and somewhat boring to those of us who just expect a little more; who are crying out for something DIFFERENT, something a little more challenging and innovative .... allowing us to leave the theatre with more than a mere good feeling, but also making us leave the theatre....THINKING, having been challenged to some degree. That would really be the ultimate prize! We have the talent and I believe we have the audiences who deserve it.

All in all, Surf's Up is the perfect way to celebrate "All Summer Long"! So, keep up those loving "Good Vibrations", slip into your baggies and slip-slops, grab granny and the kids and get yourself to the ultimate beach party.

Tickets R140pp (R65 on Tuesdays and R95 Sunday matinees). Bookings on 031 566 3045 or visit – John Harley