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Sunday, March 10, 2013


At the regular Mondays at Six programme at St Clement’s on March 11, Alex Coutts reads extracts from his book and discusses the plight of the San.

“I’ll show a map of the Drakensberg area and sketch the process of genocide between about 1830 to 1980, including the roles in the demise of the San by the Sotho, Adam Kok, Boer farmers, English farmers, and iron-working communities (by intermarriage),” explains Coutts.

This will be followed by an oral telling of three evocative chapters to sketch out the book.

St Clements is situated at 191 Musgrave Road. Mondays at Six run between 18h00 and 19h00. Booking is advised on 031 202 2511. There is no cover charge but there is a donations box to support presenters.