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Saturday, March 9, 2013


Onexus launches website and annual programme. (Review by Philisiwe Sithole)

Earlier this week, the KZNSA Gallery hosted the launch of the website and annual programme of Onexus, a networking organisation in the Music industry in KZN.

Onexus aims to facilitate young upcoming artists in developing their talents and skills while instilling a knowledge of how to be successful independent musicians and to present themselves in the music industry.

In his opening speech, the founder of Onexus, Russel Hlongwane, mentioned the challenges young musicians face. He also drew attention to the cancellations from key figures in the industry for the launch. However, he and his team decided to continue, albeit for the small audience that attended.

There was support for the initiative from audience members, which included Eric Apelgren from the eThekwini Municipality who described the dying chemistry in the music industry in KZN. Other participants described the poor situation and the complex chemistry behind the scenes of radio stations and record companies. Everyone agreed that the workshops Onexus offer are needed to establish contacts and develop skills.

It is clear that Onexus wants to be the steering wheel for all organizations in the music industry of KwaZulu-Natal. If they are sustainable enough, time must prove.

They will face a lot of challenges and need more support from key figures of the industry to see this through and to be able to realize their ambitions. Thumbs up for initiatives like this! - Philisiwe Sithole