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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


(Marc Kay & Daisy Spencer)

Eureka Productions is to present Greig Coetzee's Rhymes with Orange, which offers an engaging, vibrant and hilarious show that makes poetry both accessible and fun!!

"An irreverent, poignant, funny and engaging show that will help teachers show their students why poetry is relevant… that if your life feels like it doesn't rhyme any more, maybe all that's missing from your soul is a bit of poetry."

Award-winning international writer, actor and director Greig Coetzee, who is also a former teacher, has taken some of the prescribed Matric and high school poems, mixed them in with some of his favourites, and thrown them into a teenage love story.

Romy is studying for her poetry test when her boyfriend Julius arrives with the latest rap song he's written. He tries to convince her that boring old poetry is like maths - you'll never need it in the real world. He thinks they should both drop out of school and be the next YouTube music sensation. Like Die Antwoord, they can make money out of their love…

However, Romy's got bad news for Julius. She's too busy planning her brilliant academic future to think about romance. Besides, she's given up on love since her parents got divorced. She thinks they should just be friends.

Now she just has to find a way to tell him… and when she does, he has to find a way to win her back.

Featuring two of Durban's finest professional actors Daisy Spencer and Marc Kay under the direction of Julia Clarence, Rhymes With Orange will tour schools for limited time only!

This production offers schools a wonderful opportunity to change the way pupils view poetry. It is suitable for Grade 8 to Matric.

The production will be available from April 15 to May 3 and again from September 16 to 20. Bookings and enquiries to Julia on 083 791 0809 or email: