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Saturday, April 27, 2013


(Ramaine Barreiro-Lloyd & Tiaan Rautenbach)

Most definitely not a "same-old, same-old" Barnyard presentation. Don’t miss it! (Review by John Harley)

The Barnyard Theatre at Gateway has just released a revival of the Glory Days of the 80's.

You will experience hits from Richard Marx, Rick Ashley, Boy George and Lionel Ritchie as well as from divas Gloria Gaynor, Shirley Bassey and Tina Turner. Also on offer are songs from Stevie Wonder, Sir Elton John, Eddy Grant, Bob Marley, Robert Palmer, Bryan Adams and UB40, as well as a rocking tribute to Gary Moore's Still got the Blues.

Over time, the Barnyard Theatre has established a rather "fixed" presentational format regarding style and manner of presentation. So, when asked to review the show, I came fully prepared for the usual "same-old"!

Was I in for a pleasant surprise! I probably should have realised that with Ian von Memerty's name on the credit list as scriptwriter, I would be given a run for my money - he is a musical wizard!

This was most definitely NOT a "same-old, same-old" production; in fact, quite the contrary!

The introduction of the character Wally (Tiaan Rautenbach) as link-man and vocalist was a delightful innovation that paid great dividends - linking each song in an hilarious way, and at the same time feeding the audience interesting historical information about the 80's musical genre. This technique turned what could otherwise have been a boring concert format into a most amusing, delightful, exciting, entertaining, coordinated theatrical blast!

Over the past years, I have been going on about innovation, contrast and surprise - well, this production had it all and some to spare. The audience were rampant, shouting, clapping and stomping to their hearts content!

The show presented a great selection of show stoppers that had the audience in a frenzy. Von Memerty's brilliant creative touch was evident throughout, producing a laugh-factor that would be difficult to outdo - eg the hilarious entrance of "Tina Turner's" (Ramaine Barreiro-Lloyd) down the centre stage stairs brought the house down completely.

Every song was beautifully set-up and linked to the next, giving the show an organic, guttural sense of flow that was quite stunning!

I am not going to single out any of the vocals or instrumentalists; they were all quite superb but I would have liked to hear more solo activity from Calli Thomson - she was brilliant!

This will be the venue's 80th production (staged since 2001), with a musical journey through the decade of the 80's that will truly have you crying with laughter; featuring songs that will tug at your heartstrings and showcases music that will bring back a flood of wonderful memories! Be prepared for the biggest PARTY in the history of mankind.

Glory Days runs until May 26. Tickets R140 pp Wednesday to Saturday (R105 pp Tuesday night and R95 pp Sunday matinees). Booking and enquiries through The Barnyard Theatre on 031 566 3045, e-mail: or visit – John Harley