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Sunday, April 14, 2013


The Drama and Performance Studies Programme (UKZN – Howard College Campus) will present Brandon Moulder’s Master Performance work, The Cleansing.

“Remember that moment when you stop and all your senses reach a heightened state to the point that it seems the world is just passing you by and you’re the only one,” says Moulder. “This is your innermost self reaching out towards yourself, a self that theatre practitioner Jerzy Grotowski says holds ‘our true feelings and painful memories’. We repress it because language is not enough to communicate how we truly feel. Hiding behind our everyday masks of, “I’m fine” and “Nothings the matter”, we go through life never dealing with the pain or feelings, letting them manifest into insecurities that haunt us for a long time. It all seemed so simple when you were a child, you played and explored, everything was new to you, from the feel and smell of the leaves in the tree to the feeling of each blade of grass under your bare feet … Somehow we forget this as we grow up, running through life never taking time to just stop and be. When last did you play in the dirt? Or stop to hear the sounds of nature around you? The body has lost its connection to nature, a connection that through my work on The Cleansing I have learnt to cherish and embrace. Utilising the performance theories, teachings and philosophies laid out by Jerzy Grotowski, this performance is a ritual physical embodiment of one’s connection to nature and the painful journey that one must face when confronting our own selves.”

Devised and directed by: Brandon Moulder and performed by Eugen Shezi, The Cleansing takes place on April 17 and 18 at 19h30 and on April 19 at 20h00. Meet in the Drama Pit tenmins before start of performance. The performance runs for just under an hour and entrance is free!

For more information contact 083 643 2087.