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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Series 2 of NCIS: Los Angeles premieres on the Universal channel on DSTV – a series of double bills on Wednesdays from May 8 at 20h00.

Ace undercover agent Callen and his team power into their second season of tense investigations and no-holds-barred action this month.

The story starts off with the office of Special Projects having to find their LAPD liaison, Marty Deeks. The suspect he was investigating, and Deeks’ partner, have both been killed by car bombs, so the detective has clearly drawn the attention of some very dangerous people.

Other threats the team face include a Chechen-backed hit squad who have already taken out an undercover NCIS operative in Cyprus, and have now arrived in the US to kill a suburban housewife with a secret. Then there’s the serial killer who kidnaps a naval officer’s daughter- is her father the real target, or is the girl just another unlucky victim of a disturbed man? Plus, a hostage situation at a recruitment centre forces Callen into an uneasy alliance when he’s obliged to work with his ex, Tracy Keller.