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Sunday, June 23, 2013


(“Rise and Shine”: The prize-winning photograph)

Duncan John Fraser, a third year student at the Durban University of Technology (DUT), snapped up first prize in the Gooderson Leisure Photographic competition with his image titled Rise and Shine.

His evocative photograph which looks over New Pier towards the Moses Mabhida Stadium perfectly captured the magic of Durban’s beautiful Golden Mile, according to Gail McCann-Westphal, Marketing and Sales Manager of Gooderson Leisure. Students were tasked with capturing the beachfront lifestyle that is fundamental to the Tropicana Hotel Experience.

The 168 room hotel, which is something of a landmark on Durban’s Marine Parade, offers panoramic views with guests waking up to the sun rising over the breakers or looking out as the sun sets and the lights of the beachfront dot the evening sky.

Gail McCann-Westphal said the third year DUT students would now take photographs of the Tropicana Hotel itself as part of their syllabus and they would be marked on their photographs. “We look forward to making this a long term relationship with students photographing some of our other picturesque resorts as part of an annual competition,” she said.

Fraser, who is “proudly Durban” and passionate about photography was thrilled to be chosen as the winner. “Life is Short. Live your dream and wear your passion,” he said as he advised other young people to follow their hearts as he had done. He said his studies at DUT had not only provided him with a camera-eye-view of various different types of photography, but also introduced him to many interesting people.

“I love photography and wild life. I come from a very close middle class family of five. I am lucky enough to have family who believe in my talents as a photographer,” he adds.

His passion for photography began during Grade 9 at Westville Boys High School. “The school had a basic photography department,” he says.”I became very involved in sports photography and spent many weekends taking photos at school sports events. I taught myself with the aid of the art teacher. In matric, I was the head photographer and helped the school to set up one of the biggest photography departments in the country.”

Once he has finished his studies, Fraser sees himself travelling the world, seeing new things and meeting new people – camera in hand, of course!