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Saturday, June 8, 2013


From the creative team that brought Durban audiences A Guide to the Theatre, comes a brand new one man show, The Erl King.

The Erl King is a horror story, originally written by John Connolly and adapted for the stage, and performed by, Marc Kay. Through twisted narrative and sinister puppetry, follow young David’s story as he is brought to a confrontation with a creature as old as the woods themselves…

“Better, then, to begin the tale as I remember it. After all, it is my story: mine to tell, mine in experience. I am old now, but I am not foolish. I still bar the doors and lock the windows at night. I still check in the shadows before I sleep. He will take no-one from my house”

This is the story of David, a boy whose mother is dying. His father is distracted by his work in the war, and David is a lonely child. But that does not mean he is alone. Oh, no. Someone… or something… has noticed David, and it means to have him to sate its hunger.

The Erl King features creature design by Peter Court and shadow puppets by Bryan Hiles, Clare Mortimer and Marc Kay and is directed by Bryan Hiles.

The show runs at the Seabrooke’s Theatre at Durban High School from June 11 to 23. Performances nightly at 19h30 (excluding Mondays). Tickets R75 booked through Ailsa on 083 250 2690.