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Thursday, July 25, 2013


(Madelaine Davis & Brandon Moulder)

Impressive new multi-layered work from notable new talent. (Review by Caroline Smart)

It’s always an exhilarating experience to see a new work written and performed by Durban actors, boding well for the success of the new wave of notable performing talent waiting in the wings to move into mainstream theatre.

Having opened tonight for a short run at DHS’s Seabrooke’s Theatre, Transition is written and designed by Madelaine Davis who performs alongside Brandon Moulder. The production comes straight from the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown where a reviewer from the festival newspaper Cue made the following comment: “You will be left speechless and touched after this fantastic piece”.

Often the fringe reviews in Cue can be a bit over-the-top but this time, I agree with the reviewer’s sentiments.

Transition offers an edgy, humorous and multi-layered one-acter set in a rehab centre where we meet two total misfits who have lost the capacity to feel that they belong anywhere. Ia is a cocaine addict suffering from cystic fibrosis. The only thing in which she can find beauty is the sun as it rises and sets. She’s angry, disillusioned and rages at the world.

Taking the brunt of this anger is Paul who is prone to suicide attempts and has turned to religion to make some sense of his life. While she sorely stretches his patience, he greets Ia’s jibes, insults, sneering and posturing with calm admonition.

As the play progresses, Ia’s outspoken off-the-wall behaviour gradually rubs off onto Paul while he patiently tries to introduce her to his way of thinking. Leading to some very funny moments, the former process is more successful than the latter.

There are two processes here – centre stage where the two meet in a little-used meeting room and at the two side stages behind flats. Backlit, the shadow play shows how each character goes through their own personal hell in privacy, eventually progressing towards a more positive state … or otherwise.

Davis’s script is well-constructed, taking the audience through numerous mood swings, dynamic energies and very poignant moments. The final scene is extremely well-handled. All credit to Davis and Moulder as well as their director, Vedarsha Singh. My only adverse comment is that Davis is prone to rapid-fire speech and we miss a lot of what she says. However, this is easily corrected.

Transition runs nightly at 19h00 at Seabrooke’s Theatre at DHS until Sunday (July 28) when the show is at 18h00. It is 45 minutes in length with an age restriction of 13.

Tickets R60 (R50 students/pensioners/block bookings) booked through Brandon Moulder on 083 643 2087 or email: – Caroline Smart