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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


(Elzette Smith & Maeshni Naicker)

The year is 1990, and with the excitement of Nelson Mandela being released from prison, South Africans rejoice at the thought of the Group Areas Act being abolished. People are free to live and grow in areas of their choice and not limited by the previous Apartheid Government.

Love in a Pickle begins with a very well-spoken, well-presented, confident African woman who serves as the narrator. She explains why she looks like the perfect ‘BEE’ candidate but actually got to where she is, through hard work … and one family – The Moodleys. She sets the scene...

Then there’s the Moodley family who live in colourful Chatsworth. Mr Moodley, the father, is a well-respected doctor in the community. We also meet his proud mother, Manogarie (Kogie Naidoo – Broken Promises) and his society-conscious wife, Sushila (Maeshni Naicker – Broken Promises / radio personality) and his loving daughter Priya (Pelisha Somiah – Miss India SA finalist). As times change in South Africa, so does it change for this family and the father decides to move them to posh Umhlanga….

After much drama, the unhappy family gives in and start adapting to their new life in an area totally unlike Chatsworth. As grandma misses her chatter with her friends, especially scandalous Neela, and the mother tries to fit in to the society, another problem starts brewing. The Afrikaans boy from next door who is entranced by Priya and intrigued by the exposure to Indian culture, starts to follow his heart and lets Priya know he wants more … but has she started developing some feelings for him? This is soon figured out by the grandmother and fun and chaos erupts.

From proposals to unwelcome family, to teaching an Afrikaans boy to eat curries and Bollywood dance, Love in a Pickle promises to entertain any audience. Also in the cast are

 Sinikiwe Sifumbu, Elzette Smith and Leon Pretorius.

Directed and written by Jithen Premrajh, Love in a Pickle is a family comedy with some adult humour that most South Africans can relate to. It’s a touching story about two families who are exposed to change in a way they could never have imagined. It also shows the strength and love families have for their children, whatever their race, colour, religion or background.

Love in a Pickle runs from August 28 to September 9 at the Crown Theatre, a new venue at the Durban North Conference Centre, 5 Northview Road in Durban North. Performances Monday to Saturday at 19h30 (Sunday at 14h30 and 18h30),Tickets R80 booked through Computicket and also available at the conference centre at the door on the night. Snacks, food and a cash bar will be available. More information on 031 563 9176.