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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


At the end of November, Stable Theatre will proudly present a production written by the venue’s founder, the late Kessie Govender. The production has been made possible by the National Arts Council with additional support from the KwaZulu-Natal Performing Arts Trust.

Stablexpense is a stage play in two acts set in the 1970’s and requires five characters – four male (two in their 50’s and two in their 20’s) and one female (mid 40’s).

Auditions will be held on September 21 at Stable Theatre between 09h30 at 14h00 for the following characters:

Vadi: An Indian male in his 50’s. A working class man of poor education, Vadi has internalized the oppression of the apartheid government of the day. He is a pious man of South Indian origins who works as a dirt bin collector for the local council and spends his free time drinking at the local Shebeen. Vadi has little regard for the world outside of what impacts on him directly in his immediate home and work environment.

Mani: Also an Indian male in his 50’s. He shares many of Vadi’s traits, except that he is opinionated and ambitious (within the confines of the day). Vadi and Mani are best friends and work together for the local council as dirt bin collectors. The two share religious beliefs and spend their spare time drinking at one another’s homes or at the local Shebeen.

Thiru: Vadi’s son. A young man in his late 20’s, he is outspoken and critical of his father’s conservative, racist approach to life. His character serves as a foil to Vadi’s as he embodies the rebellious, progressive views of his peers at the local college. He serves as a constant irritation to his parents who don't understand him and often dismiss him as being disrespectful.

Rama: Mani’s son in his early 20’s, he is Thiru’s friend by virtue of location and upbringing - but that’s all they have in common. He is living in his father’s shadow and very much cut from the same cloth. He is ‘cheeky’ but reflects an ‘ignorant’ perspective on life. An ambitious man, Rama looks to his father to open doors and make inroads for his personal development. He works in the same department as his father but not as a dirt bin collector.

Vadi’s Wife (Dhanaluxmi): An Indian women in her mid 40’s. Like many women of the day, Dhana was married at an early age and had little opportunity for formal education. While it is clear that she has a mind of her own, Dhana will always defer to Vadi’s decisions and choices. She is a pleasant caring woman who has become alienated from her son because of his ‘radical’ ‘foreign’ beliefs. Thiru’s outspoken nature is of much concern to Dhana and she fears for his future. 

The play will run during the last week of November preceded by three weeks of daytime rehearsals. Those auditioning are required to have at least three years of stage experience. An overall understanding of the period of the play is also important.

Those fulfilling the above criteria are invited to audition on September 21 at Stable Theatre between 09h30 and 14h00 with registration taking place at 09h00. To book an audition slot, please contact Ayanda at Stable Theatre during office hours on 031 309 2513.