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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


(“The Plunging Ocean” by Sarah Best)

Currently running at Durban Girls College is their annual DGC matric exhibition. The above image shows Sarah Best’s impressive sea glass exam artwork, The Plunging Ocean, each piece of glass in picked up on the Durban shores – all unique and complete different.

Each and every piece of glass began somewhere and most times – this origin remains unknown,” she explains. “Each piece I collected had a hidden story behind its being and I would never know this. On some of the glass pieces, I have transferred images of my own photographs. The photos encapsulate my memories and things that are a part of my background. We are all from different backgrounds and families and we all experience different things or either, the same things but differently. This makes us unique – we are influenced by the sea around us and we slowly but surely are transformed by the power of nature. And we escape this ocean being nothing but extraordinary.”

The exhibition is housed in the Trust House studios as well as in the boardroom at Durban Girls College and it will run until November 8.