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Thursday, October 24, 2013


It’s that time of the year in Durban, when the ocean tides bring the unique sounds that together remind us who we are.

Friday Live @ KZNSA with Madala Kunene and Mabi Thobejane is another special collaboration presented by Headroom Events. Veteran master drummer Mabi was born in Mamelodi (Pretoria, South Africa) and at an early stage watched and learned the drumming of the Balobedu tribe gathering in his neighborhood. He learned not only how to hit the drum, but more importantly where. Mabi's mum tried to stop him from drumming by beating him constantly as she believed he was destined to be a priest. Meanwhile Mabi fetched skins from the tannery and started making his own drums, risking another beating from his mother when playing in front of the Kguludi's shebeen (local tavern). When his uncle, Dr. Phillip Tabane - one of the great African guitarists - discovered the talent in the family he asked Mabi to join him as the drummer to form what became one of the top bands in South Africa in the 70's - the Malombo Jazzmen.

This collaboration between “Bafo” as Madala Kunene is fondly called and Thobejane is like a prayer. Bafo, who also stood the everyday beating from his parents for not wanting to go to school, is an icon that needs no introduction

Friday Live @ KZNSA takes place tomorrow (October 25) at 18h00 at the KZNSA Gallery, 166 Bulwer Road , Glenwood (Durban). Admission:R60. To book call Arts Cafe on 031 201 9969.