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Monday, October 14, 2013


A multi-sensory Palestinian-themed morning session will take place at the Durban Art Gallery on October 22 at 10h00.

The Palestine Festival South Africa 2013 serves as a platform to educate and inform. To this end, an interactive morning session will be held comprising a film screening, exhibition walkabout, tea and cake and olive products tasting morning.

At 10h00 there will be a free screening of the movie This Palestinian Life (28 min), directed, produced and narrated by Philip Rizk which shows a resilient people who hope for peace and a country they can call their own. “We reject the use of violence; we are not politicians or experts in strategy; we are a people staying on the land – the one on which we were born.”

After the screening, there will be an informative walkabout of the exhibition, followed by morning tea and cake (cost R10) and a tasting of a range of Zaytoun Palestinian fair trade olive products.

For more information visit their facebook – palestinefestivalsouthafrica2013 page. To RSVP for the function phone Nadia on 073 323 0329 or email: