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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Well-known organist and lecturer Roland Voit will give the following talks/organ recitals over the next few days:

October 29 at 19h00 at the Anglican St Thomas Church in Musgrave Road, Durban). Talk on organ, organ literature and the paintings of H Grawe. Organ recital Art and Music with paintings (beamer-projection); compositions of F Liszt, Michel, Bergmann (Organ symphony); paintings of H. Grawe (Germany). Safe parking

October 30 at 18h00 at the Lutheran Church, Wartburg: Talk on Fehrle Organ and Organ literature: Organ recital: Wonderful Organ-Music of Four Centuries; compositions of D Buxtehude, L Couperin, G Muffat, JS Bach, JL Krebs, F Mendelssohn Bartholdy, SK-E und Olivier Messiaen. Safe parking

October 31 at 19h00 at the Lutheran Church in Umbilo, Durban: Talk on Organ and Organ literature. Organ recital: "Reformation Martin Luther - Master Compositions of the Baroque and the Bach-Family; compositions of JS Bach, JL Krebs, CPE Bach, JCF Bach. Soloist will be Margrit Deppe (Oboe KZN Philharmonic). Safe parking.