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Monday, January 20, 2014


(Tristan Jacobs & Hannah Lax)

Schlesinger Theatre at Michaelhouse will presents one performance of Fall was in your eyes created and performed by Tristan Jacobs and Hannah Lax.

Fall was in your eyes is non-verbal, visual theatre that incorporates magical object-manipulation, puppetry and physical theatre. It is inspired by Kambani Ramano’s poem a playful fall.

Recently returned from France, where Fall was in your eyes was part of the South Africa/French season in France, this new production brings together two new talents, Tristan Jacobs and Hannah Lax, who are pushing boundaries with their brand of physical theatre and making waves on a national and international front.

The performance is set during a period of civil unrest in an unspecified country. It is an excavation into the emotional tragedy of war and its effect on two people, and a dog. Woman meets man; couple meets dog; family meets war. The piece is a simple exploration of the beauty found in the small things when there aren’t any big things left, it highlights the attempt to create a home in a world of debris.

Fall was in your eyes will have one performance on January 31 at 19h30 in the Schlesinger Theatre at Michaelhouse. Ticket R80 booked through Mrs Angela Jonsson at
or on 033 234 1314 (weekdays between 08h00 and 13h00)

For more information contact Mr William le Cordeur, The Director of Theatre, on 033 234 1049 / 078 134 8383 or email: