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Monday, March 3, 2014


(Anna Breytenbach)

Award-winning wildlife production company NHU (Natural History Unit) takes wildlife storytelling to a spiritual level.

The Animal Communicator is the first full-length documentary film on the art of animal communication; provoking honest consideration from both supporters and sceptics alike. Stepping out of the conventional wildlife film model, NHU (Natural History Unit) Africa’s latest documentary indicates that audiences have an appetite for intuition-orientated stories (as opposed to traditional information-based films), with the film receiving over 170,000 views in the three month period it was available for online viewing.

The film, commissioned by NHU Africa and produced by The Foster Brothers, features South African-born Anna Breytenbach, who has dedicated her life to ‘interspecies communication’; working with people who want to explore the natural connection between humans and animals.

According to Breytenbach, interspecies communication entails sending messages to animals through pictures and thoughts and she is able to receive messages of remarkable clarity back from the animals - messages that she can decode to establish what they are saying to her about their thoughts and emotions. Swati Thiyagarajan, India's top environmental journalist, presents the film, setting out to investigate Anna's claims. Initially the journalist is sceptical, but time after time Breytenbach diagnoses an animal’s problem and communicates information that is corroborated by the animal’s caregivers and the scientists who study them.

Director of the documentary Craig Foster is no stranger to films that challenge the status quo and along with his brother Damon has made cult classics such as The Great Dance: A Hunters Story and commercial successes Into the Dragon’s Lair and Touching The Dragon – which recently was broadcast as part of National Geographic’s 125th anniversary. The Foster Brothers have a long standing working relationship with NHU Africa, an award-winning commissioning body and production house that backed the unconventional, if not downright risky endeavour of making a film about the obscure and unproven art of animal communication.

Visit the NHU Africa website to view the preview of Animal Communicator:

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