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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


This week, Adams & Ike’s Books launch an anthology of four plays which premiered at the Catalina Theatre alongside Leslie Dikeni’s South African Development Perspectives in Question.

The Catalina Collection comprises plays. De Compleat Hstry of Dbn (without the boring bits) takes a creative  honest and tongue-in-cheek romp through Durban and KwaZulu-Natal’s history. Frank focuses on drawing parallels between the microcosm of a family’s destruction and the macrocosm of a nation’s potential destruction as a result of the suppression of truth.

Spice ‘n Stuff takes a poetic and poignant journey through the last days of an era in the Grey Street community. Your Hand in my Pocket handles the themes of paedophilia and child abuse in a unique literary and brave manner, making these potentially offensive and sensitive subjects wholly accessible.

These four works are original South African plays which deserve a wider audience and are now published for the public’s reading, enjoyment, interpretation and analysis.

Ultimately, their preservation in printed form is a long-awaited celebration of 10 years of consistently creating opportunities for South African artists and risk taking at the Catalina Theatre.