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Friday, April 25, 2014


The Playhouse Company offers an exciting six-week mentorship programme which involves a series of workshops covering all facets of theatre.

“How many times have we heard the story of some amateur actor or understudy being plucked from obscurity to become a famous name on stage?” says the Playhouse Marketing Department. “It's a true and inspirational story often heard in theatre circles, but don't be fooled into believing such meteoric ascendency to stardom happens by mere chance. It, in fact, takes a lot of sweat, perseverance and guidance from experienced mentors to make it all work.”

It was from this brand of commitment by The Playhouse Company, an agency of the Department of Arts and Culture, to foster community theatre and raise the levels of professionalism on stage, that the idea of Community Arts Mentorship Programme (CAMP) was born.

Through an audition process, 30 young performers were chosen to participate in an exciting six-week mentorship programme which involves a series of comprehensive workshops covering all facets of theatre. The inter-active workshops cover the fundamentals of acting, singing, music, directing and dance to the more peripheral, yet equally critical areas of script writing and development, contracts and business administration, theatre history and archiving.

“By all accounts, it's been a rewarding and enriching experience for all the participants so far,” says the Playhouse. “Their big challenge arrives at the culmination of the programme when they are called upon to create their own productions - with the help of their mentors - which they will perform at two shows on April 24 and 25 in the Playhouse Loft.”

The reward for CAMP is seeing young and up-and-coming artists equipping themselves with professional skills under the invaluable guidance of trained mentors. Among the mentors this year are Ralph Lawson, Ashwin Singh, Caroline Smart, Dr Emma Durden, Xolisa Dlamini, Neil Coppen, Edmund Mhlongo and Nkanyiso Kunene.