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Sunday, May 18, 2014


The AFDA Durban Campus have launched a series of Assist Programmes for their first and second year students in the various schools of Live Performance, Film and Television Production with partners such as iKind Media and the iconic Catalina Theatre.

Students in the School of Live Performance which is headed by AFDA Lecturer Lloyd O’Connor have been working at the Catalina Theatre getting a firsthand experience on how to run a theatre from General Manager of the Catalina Theatre, Francis Bigara. Through her guidance the students have been put through administrative paperwork, ticket sales, equipment maintenance, ushering, networking and so much more. “The aim is to help bridge the gap, step by step over the years, between 'student', 'amateur', 'semi-professional' and 'professional', to equip the students with the current active skills and knowledge required to realistically make a living in their chosen careers” says Donna Steel, a Discipline Champion for First Year Stage Acting.

AFDA students in the School of Film will be working in collaboration with iKind Media, a Durban based Broadcasting and Media Production Agency, on a thriller feature film trailer called Intruders. “We have already began constructing the set for the shooting of the next scene within the trailer of the film on campus, students have been able to gain firsthand experience in building a professional set and from next week we will start shooting,” says head of the School of Film and Filmmaker, Richard Green.

The AFDA TV Department is working on a SABC 1 programme called Hosanna with AFDA Lecturer and Executive Producer at Dynamic Vision Productions, Ailsa Kaminski. Hosanna reflects the different textures and forms of Christianity in communities around the country. The format includes music, prayer, ministry, personal testimony and insight into the impact of faith on people’s lives. “For the purpose of providing assist training for the first year AFDA students, certain elements were designed to be filmed in the AFDA studio, namely interviews, presenter links to camera, inspirational messages by ministers and music items shot on green screen….the students were great, it was a pleasure working with them, wonderful to see their enthusiasm and energy, and their eagerness to learn” says Ailsa Kaminski.

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