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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Nu-Breed will present Lihle Dhlomo’s Last Cow Standing featuring Menzi Mkhwane at Catalina Theatre this week

The story tells how the inhabitants of a community experience the plight of their most valued resources – their hundreds of thousands-strong herds of cows. A strange sickness mysteriously infects them, killing countless numbers over the years; reducing them to a smaller number. The last few remaining are now surviving by the skin of their teeth.

The elders and high sanuses of the Kingdom believe that god Gwande has struck them with a curse while others have taken it upon themselves to suggest sacrificing the cows. The King is convinced and decrees that every home in the kingdom should hand over their healthy cows to be kept in the royal kraal in preparation for the big sacrifice. This big sacrifice is believed to bring the entire herd back.

However, if the few that are left are slaughtered; there might be great consequences to bear. What if none of them ever return? How would the people plough the land, milk and feed themselves? Many people feel caught between obeying the king and protecting their last cows.

From this entire calamity emerges a young boy called Samira who is chosen to save the dying herds. Samira’s grandmother tells him to go to the land of the King. He must speak to him and convince him to change this decree before all the cows disappear for good.

Samira sets off on an epic journey, leaving his region, travelling to the north where the King resides. But how will he get the chance to be in the presence of the King whom only the trusted elders speak to. How will he even see the king who has not stepped out to see the people in 20 years...? What would he say... or how would he say it? … and who would listen or even allow him to utter the words he must utter as a last hope to save the beasts that have been feeding his forefathers for hundreds of years?

Samira must find out as he embarks on this adventurous journey that will take him through many difficult obstacles where even strange mythical creatures will test his bravery and turn the boy into a man. Hopefully, a man who will save his people from the greatest loss they could ever experience.

The Last Cow Standing runs at Catalina Theatre from June 5 to 15 with performances at 15h00 and 19h00. Booking is at Computicket. For more information visit