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Saturday, August 23, 2014


The 48 Hour Film Project has descended once again on Durban shores for its 2014 run. Durban’s professional filmmakers and aspiring/amateur filmmakers will join thousands of other teams from around the world. Over 120 cities and more than 60,000 people are participating in this exciting annual event, with Durban being one of the newer cities added on in 2013.
Launched in the USA in 2001, the 48 Hour Project gets bigger and better with more new cities coming on board each year to host this unique film competition in their countries.
What sets this film competition apart from other film competitions is that it is open to everybody, not just industry professionals. The 48 Hour Film Project is a wild and sleepless weekend of lights, camera, action in which teams have a blast making a movie. All writing, shooting, editing and scoring must be completed in just 48 hours.
The 48 Hour Film Project's mission is to advance filmmaking and promote filmmakers. Through its festival/competition, the Project encourages filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers to get out there and make a movie.
The tight deadline of 48 hours puts the focus squarely on the filmmakers emphasizing creativity and teamwork skills. While the time limit places an unusual restriction on the filmmakers, it is also liberating by putting an emphasis on "doing" instead of "talking."
Anyone who has a passion for filmmaking should seize this opportunity, live in the moment and get involved in something completely different to anything they have tried before. Take a bungee leap into the world of film by making a movie and creating priceless memories with friends or family that will last a lifetime.
From dream to screen in 48 hours. Live it and make it the time of your life.
All information will be posted on the Durban 48HFP 2014 page on Facebook. Or email for more information.