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Monday, August 18, 2014


(Sandy Bigara)

Actress, scriptwriter and director Sandy Bigara is also a singer and she recently held her Classical Album Launch at Hingham Nursery Tea Garden.

A Durban girl whose first taste of the stage was at the age of four when she performed at The Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre in 1984, her preferred genre of acting is comedy. Although she always dreamed of being an opera singer, she knew it was not the path meant for her. Her last two albums were the secular BraveMan and a children’s album Singa-Little-Longa.

She injured her voice quite badly in 2011 but later that year, Steve Fataar heard her sing Conte Partiro at an event. “He encouraged me at every turn to add more classical music to my repertoire,” she explains. “At his gentle insistence I started to perform more light opera and aria antiche, folk song and some jazz.”

With her classical voice now re-emerging, she decided it was time to record the songs that are near to her.

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