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Friday, September 19, 2014


(Pauline Dalais filling a handbag with the requested toiletries. Pauline is one of the team who will be staffing the Witness Hilton Arts Festival Info Stand over the weekend. She is in front of a mural by Iain Ewok Robinson – who will be at the festival spray-painting rhinos to fund-raise for the Acting for Rhinos initiative)

One of the three charities which the Witness Hilton Arts Festival is supporting this year, is the Jes Foord Foundation Handbag project.

When Jes was raped in 2008, just like anyone else she had to do her statement, attend a doctor for physical examination and evidence collection. After those gruelling hours of having to remain in her dirty clothes without a shower she was given a pack of items from a local pharmacy. Jes was so grateful.

This prompted the Jes Foord Foundation comfort bag initiative.

Creative artist Helge Janseen has made shweshwe sling bags and his range can be viewed on

The Foundation has 400 empty handbags, needing to be filled. The total cost to fill one of these bags is R150. Please donate R150 at the festival Info ArtStand or drop of a packet containing:

ADULT BAG: Soap; Facecloth; Toothbrush and toothpaste; Deodorant; Body lotion; Sanitary pads; Small pack of tissues; Panties; Comb, brush and small trinket; Small note pad and pen

KIDDIE BAG: Soap; Facecloth; Small packet of tissues; Colouring in book and crayons; Small note book and pen; Small soft toy