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Thursday, September 4, 2014


Shared History– The Indian Experience in South Africa is not only a celebration of Indian culture but is also a wonderful catalyst to find commonality and connections in the shared history of both countries.

The Shared History Festival is sharing two world-class performances with Durban audiences in the Playhouse Loft: 9 Parts of Desire and Vidya Shah

This year, as a lead up to the United Nations 20th anniversary of the Beijing Conference on Gender, the festival has chosen to focus on some of the finest female performers from India. Durban audiences will delight in the performances of the exceptionally talented Ira Dubey, Lillete Dubey and Vidya Shah. In many ways, the season could be seen as a continuation of the celebration of Women’s Month.

The Durban season opens with two performances of 9 Parts of Desire by Heather Raffo on September 3 and 4. It features rising star Ira Dubey in a tour de force solo performance directed by her mother Lilette Dubey whom audiences will remember from Monsoon Wedding and the celebrated Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Vidya Shah: Women on Record can be seen in the Playhouse Loft on September 5 and 6 at 20h00. For more information visit