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Sunday, October 12, 2014


Opening tomorrow (October 13) at 18h30 in artSPACEdurban’s Main Gallery is an exhibition titled G1K1 by Swany, Karen Pretorius and Steyn Pretorius.

G1K1 is a group exhibition by artists/soldiers/nurses conceptualising works reflecting their personal experiences within the South African Defence Force during the apartheid era.

In the South African Defence Force, the "G" indicated whether a soldier was healthy and could participate in physical activity. The "K" showed where a soldier could be deployed as well as the level of medical care they should have access to. "G1" indicated the soldier was healthy and could participate in any and all physical activity. "K1" meant the soldier could be deployed anywhere and anytime without a medical facility in the vicinity.

artSPACE durban is situated at 3 Millar Road (off Umgeni Road) close to the Waste Centre. More information on 031 312 0793 or visit or