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Saturday, November 1, 2014


South Africa's first dance film Hear Me Move has been invited to be screened at the 4th edition of the African International Film Festival (AIFF) from November 9 to 16, 2014, in Nigeria.

The South African film industry has been elevated on the global stage through the success of films such as Tsotsi and District 9. These types of achievements have made it possible for the SA film industry to have confidence in other local movies such as Hear Me Move which is due for release in South Africa in early 2015.

The film educates the world on how South Africans express themselves through their finest local music and dance moves that trend within townships. The film has joined the South African film industry in a positive direction, inspiring SA youth to appreciate and uphold their culture. Through this film, the directors and producers were able to capture the essence of dance as an expression that unites our youth.

“The film aims at going further into other African countries and to also reach international audiences which will further expose our talent and culture and alleviate the negative perception the world might have about SA as well as expose the Sbujwa dance style to the world,” says Fidel Namisi, co-producer and script writer for the film. “Hear Me Move will resonate with African audiences and is the first South African dance film, endorsed by Proudly South Africa showcasing the youth twenty years after democracy.”

Recent trends of dance culture including sbujwa and pantsula cited in the film evokes the feeling of being proudly South African and as Namisi states “it ignites the feeling of achievement through cinematic moments.” Namisi has over ten years of experience in the film and television industry. Fidel and the team, director Scottnes Smith and producer Wandile Molebatsi have worked hard over the years to finally see the film become a reality.

The passion for SA dance and love of film production has led to a strong partnership between these three individuals, from their university years until today. Coal Stove Pictures have identified the opportunity to give young individuals the chance to express themselves by making use of their talents. As a partner with co-production in other countries like Canada and France, Coal Stove Pictures strive to connect themselves with other countries to display Africa’s talents.

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