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Thursday, November 6, 2014


Sam Scarborough produces another winner. (Review by Beverley Millar)

As a mother of five children and, for a time, a pre-primary school teacher, over the years I have had to endure numerous market days. At times, in desperation and totally bereft of fresh ideas, I would have been more than grateful for the help of a book such as Kid’s Market Day.

Author Sam Scarborough runs her own children's interior decor company and has written three successful books on the subject. With this book she has written another winner.

Kid's Market Day is aimed at young entrepreneurs who want to create something unique to sell at their market day. There are 30 projects in the book, such as Pet Rocks (which many mums will remember from their youth), stress balls, bird feeders and herb pots, all of which should be very saleable at the market. In the food section there are toffee apples, monster cookies, milkshakes, sweetie jewellery and many other ideas for tasty treats.

Scarborough also includes wonderful ideas on how to set up an attractive table for a market day. She discusses the general requirements as well as in some cases specific ideas on how to display the crafts. Suggestions on pricing are also given.

The book is full of wonderful ideas which would keep children busy for hours during the upcoming Christmas holidays. There are descriptions of how to make things such as piggy banks, a game of skittles, bows and arrows and a recipe for play dough, to mention but a few. Most of the projects can be made by recycling used paraphernalia from around the house.

Also in the book is a guide on how children can make gift bags. These can then be filled with their homemade gifts for family and friends and will, I assure you, melt the hearts of any grandparent!

The book is attractively illustrated with photographs demonstrating the techniques and displaying the finished articles.

Kid’s Market Day will make a lovely Christmas gift for mums with young children, pre-school and primary teachers, or anyone who has young children that they need to keep entertained.

Kid’s Market Day is written by Sam Scarborough and published by Struik Lifestyle. ISBN 978-1-43230-322-8 and the recommended retail price is R130. – Beverley Millar

Die book is ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans as Mark Toe! ISBN  978-1-43230-323-5