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Thursday, November 6, 2014


Deadline: November 15, 2014

Drama For Live (DFL) presents Lover+Another National Online Poetry Competition.

After massive success in the poetry slams hosted across the country, this year DFL is trying something new!

Lover + Another is taking to its online platforms to give voice to poets dying to be heard. Lover + Another is an innovative performance poetry competition which encourages the youth to talk openly and creatively about relationships, sex, HIV/Aids.

“This is your chance to become South Africa's leading young poet!” says DLF. “Take a chance. Work your pen. Find your words. Speak your truth. Perform your passion. Through Lover + Another you have an opportunity to voice your truth, through this year’s theme: Human Connection.

“In the age of HIV and AIDS, issues – of trust, intimacy, touch, lust, passion, sex, sensual pleasure, the erotic, betrayal, hurt, broken relationships, gender violence, sexual identities, discrimination, broken promises and love - all demand attention, allow us inside your head and heart with your words ... speak ... write ... perform. Your time is now!”

One poem per entrant.

Entrants are encouraged to record poems on their mobile devices (alternatively, record audio or a written piece) and submit to one of the following:

Facebook:  Lover+ Another Performance Poetry
twitter:  @drama_for_life #dramaforlife

More details about the competition can be accesses on the platforms listed above, as well as information on other poets’ work, plus opportunities to engage with the team.

Competition closes on November 15, 2014