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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


(Clinton Small, Anthony Stonier, Katy Moore, Mpilo Nzimande; 
Rowin Munsamy & Thomie Holtzhausen. Pic by Val Adamson)

Clinton Small takes his talents to a whole new level in latest adult pantomime! (Review by Caroline Smart)

If the adult pantomime has opened in Durban, then the festive season is not far off!

This year’s adult panto is Sinder-Fella, produced as always by Sue Clarence Promotions and once again written and directed by Darren King. This is a well-tried formula that has stood the test of time – full of fun and nonsense and, wherever possible, the most casual of phrases gets turned around to become outrageously risqué!

This is the story of Cinderella with the genders changed – the hapless pretty girl with two ugly sisters is now a good-looking young man with two ugly sisters! The fairy godmother is a fairy godfather and the loyal Buttons comes straight from Chatsworth!

What would an adult panto be without Anthony Stonier? Certainly never the same! This time, he’s one of the not-so ugly sisters and there are some delightful scenes with Clinton Small who plays the other not-so ugly sister. This makes for a very strong duo and Clinton Small takes his talents to a whole new level in this role. I was also delighted to hear his singing voice properly for the first time – where’s he been hiding this talent?

The other long-term adult panto performer is Thomie Holtzhausen, putting in a fine performance in a number of roles, the most amusing of which was the busty young maiden in The Click Song. His partner in this hilarious scene is Rowin Munsamy, who also plays Buttons and is making his adult panto debut in Sinder-Fella.

As Princess Pandora Hugetit (the Prince Charming role), Katy Moore once again creates a delightful ditzy character who spends her time fending off Buttons’ amorous advances.

Another newcomer to the adult panto cast is Mpilo Nzimande as Sinder-Fella who is frantically trying to save his family farm from the machinations of his two sisters who are only interested in gaining husbands and moving from the township to Umhlanga. This tall, slight young actor from Pietermaritzburg is to be commended for holding his own in this adult panto format where anything can – and usually does - happen!

There are many delightful scenes and highlights for me included the rickshaw scene, the aforesaid The Click Song and Anthony Stonier’s What Kind of Fool am I? sung with much power and the odd hilarious glitch!

On the downside, the sound is at an uncomfortably high level in the opening of each act. Another major frustration was the poor bar service which was incapable of meeting the demands of audience members but, hopefully, this will be attended to before long.

Sinder-Fella runs until December 30 at the Zone at Suncoast. Take your own picnic supper or make use of the various Suncoast outlets. All enquiries / booking through Ailsa on or 083 250 2690. Booking is open and tickets can be purchased through Computicket; or book online at – Caroline Smart