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Friday, May 1, 2015


Deadline: May 29, 2015

The Africa Voices Trust officially opens applications for a free development programme in Opera - Leadership through Music and Performance Excellence.

The Africa Voices Trust is a non-profit organisation that supports the development of highly talented young musicians. Through the Africa Voices Programme, the Trust identifies and educates future stars across all musical genres, providing them with the vital skills they need in order to create financially sustainable and meaningful careers. This intensive programme is designed to fast-track and elevate local talent to international standards by providing practical experience and high-level mentorship opportunities.

Selected musicians are guided through a ten month process in mastering their chosen fields both as a performer and industry professional. The goal of the programme is not just to teach participants valuable skills; but to identify and nurture leadership potential, to support their entrepreneurial spirit and to actively inspire and empower them to take responsibility for their role as future standard bearers in the growth of the South African Music Industry. Successful participants work in the largest and best-equipped studios in the country and receive coaching and support from sound engineers, mixing engineers, programmers, producers, managers, arrangers, entertainment lawyers, agents and other industry professionals.

Africa Voices actively nurtures youth entrepreneurship and emphasises the importance of their participants becoming future leaders and socially-responsible mentors within their communities for the duration of their careers. The Africa Voices Trust presents a unique opportunity in developing engaged leadership through the powerful medium of music.

The 2015 Programme is dedicated to Opera due to the demand identified in this genre, and is aimed at building upon the knowledge and experience already gained by dedicated up and coming artists in this field. The Africa Voices Programme is a “master class” which empowers talented local artists and will be valuable to both individuals who have gained experiential skills, as well as individuals who have pursued academic studies in Opera.

Opera is a live performance based genre, and so the programme will be focused on refining live performance skills as well as training participants to function as effective, professional artists in this often high stress and audition-based world. The genre requires of artists to be able to work in many different environments, and so participants need to be prepared for a very intense and demanding programme - designed to prepare them to work anywhere in the world, under the most challenging career conditions possible.

Selected participants of the 2015 programme will all be considered for the Caroli Singing Award, an exciting new initiative launched through an affiliation with the Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich. The award consists of the opportunity to travel to Germany for 10 days in order to experience the inner workings of an internationally acclaimed opera house and have the opportunity to audition for the Young Artist Programme of the Bayerische Staatsoper.

The programme is seeking recommendations of potential participants that come highly recommended by respected individuals and entities within the creative industry. The Africa Voices Trust invites you to recommend individuals that you feel are showing great promise - vocalists you believe in and who have the potential to develop into a standard-bearer as an artist with the right guidance and support.

There is no academic requirement to gain entry to the programme – unlike many other professions, musical talent and potential are not effectively determined by academic accomplishment alone. However, successful vocalists must display remarkable musical talent, execution, charisma and ambition distinguishing them from hundreds of applicants. Selection is not only based on musical talent - Africa Voices candidates must display creative energy, a drive to succeed and the courage to hold themselves to the highest standards.

The Africa Voices Programmes are currently held in Cape Town. Applications are open to individuals from across the country. However, individuals not living in the Mother City would need to be prepared to travel to or relocate to Cape Town for the duration of the programme.

Participation in the programme itself is at no cost to successful applicants as funds for these expenses are raised by the Africa Voices Trust.

The Africa Voices team is determined to make a real difference in the industry and facilitate a significant impact on the lives and careers of the participants that fall under their care. They commit to building a legacy of excellence and integrity.

The programme will consist of 8 to 12 young lead singers. All voice types are welcome.

Prospective candidates will need to be formally nominated by either a music professional or an educational or other music institution by means of submitting a recommendation form. Initial selection is made from all received recommendation forms, upon which selected artists will be contacted to submit a participant application form as well as a motivational essay. Once all participant applications have been reviewed, a shortlist of prospective candidates will be required to attend a live audition and interview in front of an independent panel of judges.

Refer to the online recommendation form here:

The closing date for recommendations is 29 May 2015.

Should you prefer the recommendation forms to be sent to your e-mail address, send this request to email: