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Friday, May 1, 2015


(Director Jayan Moodley)

Junaid Ahmed Productions, in association with African Lotus Productions, is proud to announce that they will be producing Keeping Up With The Kandasamys, a feature film set in the sprawling township of Chatsworth. This heart-warming comedy revolves around the lives of two women and their journey of friendship. The movie will be directed by Jayan Moodley (White Gold) and produced by Junaid Ahmed and Helena Spring, the team behind the critically acclaimed film Hard To Get.

Keeping Up with The Kandasamys will be filmed during September this year and is slated for an April 2016 cinema release.

The following characters are to be auditioned:

Jennifer Kandasamy: Female, around 45 years old. Smart, well-spoken and a real snob. Slim and graceful

Shanthi Naidoo: Female, around 45 years old. Chubby, exuberant and a classic people pleaser. Short in stature.

Jodi Kandasamy: Female, must pass for 19 years old. First year at University. Beautiful, intelligent, confident and fun-loving.

Pranesh Naidoo: Male, 21 years old. Debonair and charming. Third year medical school. Mr Nice Guy

Marlin: Male, 23 years old. Flamboyant wedding planner - a real drama queen.

Aya: Female, over 65 years old. Witty and very funny. ‘Inflicted’ with all kinds of ailments.

Preggie: Male, 48 years old. Loving husband and loyal friend. Most comfortable in his township.

The auditions take place on May 9 and 10 at the Chatsworth Youth Centre.

Those interested in auditioning should send an email to or call Indhrannie on 031 409 6423 (office hours only) to book an audition slot. You will be given a complete character bible and the necessary requirements, including the scenes you would have to prepare for the audition.

Auditions will also take place later in May at other various in Durban and Johannesburg- dates to be announced in early May.