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Sunday, May 31, 2015


(Atlas Duma)

Sagiya Production in partnership with KZN Department of Arts and Culture, Ethekwini Municipality and IzwiLomzansi FM will be launching “DIMDEP-Faces of Natural Environmental Success”, known as DIMDEP.

“Dim-Dep’ is the sound that is produced by beating an African drum, especially by hands, while “DIMDEP” is an abbreviation of Drum and Indigenous Music Development Project.

The author of DIMDEP displays brief history and pride of Abangoni Tribe. Abangoni Tribe descended from central Africa lead by Mr.Ntu and discovered South Africa as their most fertile land that brought into their minds the ideas of animal domestication and ploughing. These ideas came about as solutions towards prevention of animal extinction due to uncontrolled hunting. Abangoni also came up with methods of the conservation of biodiversity, which is traditional agriculture (Organic Farming).

DIMDEP is a two hander female theatre piece, presented as narrative teachings about community development and empowerment. It features hot dialogue, poetry, music, dramatic prose and monologues.

The characters are two women reincarnated from the Stone Age era realizing their dream in the 21st Century. The performers are Sindy (Coloured) and Mpume (Black) who met each other way back during Stone Age Era far earlier than 3000BC in the rainforest near Drakensberg Mountains in KZN.

The story is an eye opener to all kinds of human creatures to take care of the environment. The actors unfold methods of sustainable development based on the conservation of natural resources and economic development. The story touches current issues about responsible hunting with regards to the prevention of animal extinction, organic agricultural methods, urbanization and its side effects of air pollution, water pollution and land degradation.

The characters believe that they met again during the 21st century in a form of reincarnation. They enforce the importance of agriculture and how people will never survive out of digital devices alone. Other issues include awareness in cultural development, to remind youth about their whereabouts, rich African Culture and heritage. 

This production is suitable and excellent for all age groups as well as industrial and professional theatre presentations as well as school set works. It is also recommended to those who want to pursue a career in geography, agriculture, township planners, human settlement, environmental health, Nature/Game Reserves, etc.

The show is very entertaining excellent for social cohesion, development and upliftment. Performances take place in the Playhouse Loft from July 2 to 5. Booking is at Computicket. For more information contact Atlas Duma on 074 542 7305 or email: