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Sunday, June 28, 2015


Imposing and majestic sculptures captured in moody and exquisite photographs. (Review by Keith Millar)

South African born Dylan Lewis is regarded as one of the world’s leading wildlife sculptors. His works have been exhibited internationally in cities such as London, Paris, Toronto, Sydney, Houston and San Francisco.

His towering and commanding works can be seen across South Africa where they adorn botanical gardens, golf courses, grand hotel foyers and the homes and gardens of discerning collectors.

Lewis was born to an artistic family. His father was a sculptor, his grandfather an architect and both his mother and grandmother were painters. Lewis himself started as a landscape painter but, after the death of his father, he turned to sculpture.

Initially, like his father, he created images of birds but then moved on for 12 years to focus on animal forms and particularly those of Africa’s wild cat predators. More recently, he started producing feminine figures and then moved to esoteric and mystical animal/human forms.

Dylan Lewis – An Untamed Force is a superbly presented photographic record of some of Lewis’ most imposing and majestic works. Drawing his inspiration from his deep love and understanding of nature and the wilderness, he has produced sculptures which radiate latent energy and tension. They are intense, awe-inspiring and quite breathtaking.

The principal photographer of this coffee table book is Gerda Genis. Her dramatic, moody and exquisite photographs are of a quality that could stand alone without the subject matter. They are quite outstanding.

Also included are images of some of the preliminary sketches drawn by Lewis and those of his working methods.

The introduction to Lewis’ works is written by Ian McCallum who is a medical doctor, author, psychologist and wildlife guide.

Dylan Lewis – An Untamed Force is an impressive and eye catching book. Nearly everyone who saw it on my coffee table either commented on it, or felt compelled to page through it. It certainly has something to offer art lovers, and those who stand in awe of the beauty and brooding power of nature.

Dylan Lewis – An Untamed Force is published by Fernwood Press. ISBN 9781928213017. Recommended retail price R350.00. – Keith Millar