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Thursday, June 18, 2015


(Kurt Darren)

How did Kurt van Heerden, a bilingual boy from Pretoria who dreamt of becoming an English pop star, become the biggest selling male Afrikaans artist of his generation?

This week M-Net’s popular documentary series My Story, takes a trip down memory lane to explore the trajectory of the life of Kurt Darren. From his childhood with his free-spirited parents who raised the only bilingual family in their Pretoria suburb, to failing in the English music market in South Africa and heading off to Nashville, Tennessee, viewers will gain a glimpse into all the trials and tribulations of Kurt’s early career and see how he managed to reinvent himself into the massively successful star that he is today. Where did the second name Darren come from, how did Kurt meet his beautiful wife Dunay, and most recently, how did Kurt overcome major medical setbacks as a result of a horrific car accident?

My Story, in which some of the country's biggest personalities share the truth behind the headlines and the real details of their life in the limelight, will be aired in two timeslots:

Episode 6 of My Story will be aired on M-Net Channel 101 at 19h30 and repeated on June 20 at 18h00.

Fans of the show can follow conversations around the series on Twitter with the #MNetMyStory hashtag.