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Thursday, June 18, 2015


The defiant woman of Anta (Cuzco) in Peru fighting for birth control. 
(Photo by Pierre-Yves Ginet)

Alliance Française de Durban and Durban Botanic Gardens in collaboration with the French Institute of South Africa (IFAS) are to present the international exhibition Women in Resistance (Femmes en résistance) by French photographer, Pierre-Yves Ginet, which can be seen at the Durban Botanic Gardens from June 20.

The exhibition aims to recognise the struggle, contribution, but also the sacrifice of women, for survival, dignity, democracy, equality and justice all over the world.

The exhibition is partnered with an interactive local exhibition Women in Resistance, Durban & KwaZulu-Natal on Facebook.

The exhibition is an essay of portraits with bilingual English and French text by photographer, Pierre-Yves Ginet. It features 25 photo panels of 25 groups of women in 25 countries – from the fight of Congolese women for victims of sexual violence, to the fight of Tibetan nuns in Asia for education, through to the fight of Argentinean women against dictatorship… a world tour of diverse causes lead by ordinary but exceptional women.

“Women represent more than half of humanity but many are still today, excluded from their country’s economic, political and social life. They are more vulnerable to poverty, lack of education and wars,” explains photographer Pierre-Yves Ginet.

In his works, Ginet wanted to depart from the stereotypical representation which often places women as victimised, rather to give priority to the struggles led by many of them. Women in Resistance shows the reality of women’s commitment, struggle, and sacrifice for survival, dignity, democracy, equality and justice. This is a stark reminder that societies are mixed and that history is equally as feminine as it is masculine.

There is a local, interactive element to this project – conducted on Facebook. The page Women in Resistance Exhibition, Durban & KZN is open to all. The idea is to go to the exhibition take a selfie in front of the Women In Resistance, Durban & Kzn backdrop, upload it to the dedicated Facebook page, and add an inspiring text to accompany your image.

“I have always been a traveller and then I started taking pictures as a tourist,” recalls Ginet. “From 1991, I had a dual role of photo amateur journalist. I was a financial analyst at the time and used up unpaid leave, but from 1998, I became 100% committed to being a photojournalist. For me, the ultimate journey was Tibet, in 1991. I was shocked by the destruction of the heritage. Under the ubiquitous Chinese army, Tibetans are reduced to begging and there is rampant prostitution. The shock was there: it was an encounter with the reality that I did not expect. I went as a tourist and I came back as a journalist.”

Women in Resistance / Femmes en Résistance can be seen in The Sunken Garden of the Durban Botanic Gardens from June 20 to July 10. Entrance is free

For more information visit: Facebook Event Page: Women in Resistance Exhibition, DURBAN & KZN