national Arts Festival Banner

Thursday, July 16, 2015

BASA’s #artMOVESme

Positioned at the Monument Building during the 2015 National Arts Festival, Business and Arts South Africa’s #artMOVESme graffiti mobile hoarding gave festival goers and Grahamstown residents the chance to express the different ways that art moves them.

It was the first time it has moved out of Johannesburg since its launch at Hollard in August last year as the founding element of the BASA Awards, partnered with Hollard, and #artMOVESme – an open source participatory and ongoing campaign that captures and shares the value of the arts for all members of society.

Anyone could write on a pink sticky note and attach it to the graffiti hoarding and, as the previous appearances of #artMOVESme showed, responses from members of the public were both moving and thought provoking.

“Being artistic is the other me,” wrote one user while another simply said “I explain it when I dance it”. “Sometimes arts moves me to act – sometimes it’s a catalyst for change in me,” said another.

An initiative pioneered by Business and Arts South Africa, #artMOVESme explores that value of the arts for both business and broader society and is based on the understanding that art provides value – social capital, EQ and social cohesion.

The campaign takes the form of a dynamic and growing collective of digital images and text from diverse members of society. The #artMOVESme campaign starts with the graffiti hoarding featuring the work of artist Sindiso Nyoni. Through #artMOVESme the public can engage with Nyoni’s images, describing – through visuals and words captured on pink sticky notes – how the arts impacts them.