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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Deadline: August 31, annually

The goal of The National film and Video Foundation (NFVF) is to stimulate training and development to make the film and television industry more accessible for previously disadvantaged individuals and those with financial difficulties. This goal is achieved by awarding bursaries to students to attend various tertiary institutions worldwide.

The NFVF is a National Body and therefore encourages students countrywide to apply for bursaries.

Bursaries are aimed at students who are hard workers, have a passion for the industry but lack the financial resources to meet their ambition.

The application criteria for national bursaries includes the proviso that the student should be accepted and registered at an institution that offers formal tertiary qualifications. The student should be able to demonstrate financial need, i.e. by submitting parent’s payslips etc. and have proof of good academic results (secondary). Applications need to submit a one page motivational letter demonstrating why the individual is a good candidate to receive a bursary. The letter should also include all the required information as per application form.

Once you have applied and submitted all the required documents (as per the application form) before the deadline, August 31 annually, an internal and external panel evaluates each application. Applicants are shortlisted and thereafter interviews are conducted to ensure that bursaries are awarded to the most appropriate students, who will ultimately become NFVF Ambassadors.

Individuals may apply to the NFVF for bursaries to support their studies at international tertiary institutions for film courses that are not available in South Africa. Due to minimal resources at the NFVF’s disposal, 100% bursaries will not be awarded.

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