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Sunday, August 16, 2015


Durban Art Gallery invites filmmakers to pitch to make short documentaries which aim to honour some of the city’s top art makers.

Film and documentary makers are invited to attend a briefing in the Durban Art Gallery tomorrow (August 17) at 09h00 to find out more about a project

Mduduzi Xakaza, director of the Durban Art Gallery, explains: “The intention is for all the films to be distributed among all the eThekwini public libraries, in addition to those of all our sister cities that include, Bremen, Leeds, Daejeon, Chicago, New Orleans, Rotterdam, Bulawayo, and Curitiba. If the project is completed early enough, these films may be considered to be screened during the Durban International Film Festival before they are distributed among all our sister cities.”

The DAG is searching for the best film production companies that have the capacity to produce ten 54-minutes documentary films on lives and works of selected artists.

Artists who have expressed interest in participating in the project are Michael Paul Sibisi, John Smith, Angela Buckland, Joseph Manana, Cedric Nunn, Peter McKenzie, Thami Jali, Grace Kotze, Fiona Kirkwood and Robin Opperman of Umcebo Trust. These films must document artists’ lives within the socio-political context of South Africa pre- or post-apartheid eras.

The concept itself has been inspired by a book titled Visual Century: South African Art in context 1907 - 2007, edited by Mario Pissarra and published in 2011.

The briefing will take place at the Durban Art Gallery tomorrow morning (Monday, August 17) at 09h00. For more information, contact Mduduzi Xakaza at