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Friday, August 28, 2015


(Miriam Erasmus)

By popular demand, much-loved local entertainer Miriam Erasmus is embarking on her annual overseas tour to the folk clubs and festivals. She will leave on September 1 and be back in the New Year.

In a sense these tours are a return to her musical roots.

In the '70s she was part of the folk song revival and became known as "The First Lady of Folk". She arrived in Durban in 1977, and in the 80s started singing, co-founding The Durban Folk Club with Fiona Tozer and others. Her performances earned her the affectionate title "The Queen of Folk" culminating in being the headliner at Splashy Fen in 2008.

Many will know her as "Auntie Mim" who, with husband John has performed puppet shows and The Art of Education programmes in the schools and other venues for many years.

She worked with the late, great Eve Boswell all through the 90s and still carries on vocal coaching.

On her travel, Erasmus carries with her the songs she has written about the life and times, and beauty of South Africa. Many of them, from the CD Over Africa, have become firm favourites and Over Africa, Sittin here sittin and Umgeni will be top of the list as usual, along with the British folk songs she is so well known for.

Each club will have the usual local 'floor' singers and Erasmus will be the star performer. Her concerts will range from North - Scotland; South - Sussex; East - Holland; and West - Ireland; as usual, and many in between. The tour schedule is as follows:

September 11: Doncaster Folk Club
September 19: OCSA Centre Atherstone
September 24: Bromsgrove Folk Club
October 1: Lymm Folk Club
October 3: Ingleton Folk Festival
October 9: Folk in the Lounge The Hague
October 16: Seaford Folk Club
October 18: House Concert Pinner
October 19: Tonbridge Folk Club
October 30: Song Loft
November 13: Charity Concert Bolton
November 14: Woodford House Dublin
November 20: Strathaven Folk Club
November 27 -29: Bedworth Folk Festival
December 19: 3 Peaks Folk Club

When she returns in the New Year, Miriam Erasmus is hoping to have a South African tour finalised. Follow her on Facebook.