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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


(Steven Seagal – detail from the poster)

Directed in 1994 by Steven Seagal, On Deadly Ground can be seen on September 18 at 20h00 on M-Net Movies Action+ DStv Channel 106.

The action movie stars Seagal himself alongside Michael Caine, Joan Chen and Billy Bob Thornton.

Steven Seagal was way ahead of the rest of Hollywood in his efforts to support environmental causes. In this instance he targets the oil companies – by far the biggest polluters of the planet.

In an effort to meet a deadline, an oil company commences an operation without taking the necessary precautions. A fire breaks out and the company takes a huge knock. Its ruthless CEO hires a hitman to dispose of the man in charge as well as the oil-fire expert who minimised the damage.