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Friday, September 11, 2015


The African Arts Institute has launched the much-anticipated directory - the 2015/16 edition of the South African Handbook on Arts and Culture.

This is an indispensable information source for contemporary arts and culture practitioners.

Based on previous editions of the Handbook produced in 1998 and 2002, the 2015/16 publication is published by the African Arts Institute (AFAI), with the National Arts Council of South Africa as the primary partner.

Edited by Mike van Graan in association with contributing editors and researchers Mari Stimie and Kim Gurney, the Handbook includes chapters on National, provincial and local government departments and responsible for arts and culture; National, provincial and local public sector funding agencies; Private sector sponsors of the arts; International agencies engaged in the local arts and culture sector; Local and international festivals and events in each discipline; Media outlets (print, electronic and web-based); Formal and non-formal institutions engaged in education and training in arts and culture; Competitions and awards in each discipline; African countries and details of their UNESCO Commissions to establish contact with their arts and culture stakeholders; names and contact details of key professional bodies and networks, specialist agencies and sources of information in Arts management and creative industries; Cultural Policy; Cultural Tourism; Craft; Dance; Design, Fashion; Film; Heritage, Literature; Music; Theatre and Visual Art, as well as a chapter on miscellaneous information like the contact details of political parties, constitutional bodies such as the Public Protector, business organisations, etc.

Comprising nearly 400 pages, the aim of the Handbook is to provide users with sufficient information to act in their respective interests in an informed manner, or to be guided as to where the information they are looking for, may be found.

The retail price of the Handbook is R295 (inclusive of VAT, but excluding packaging and shipping costs). Orders of 10 to 99 copies are eligible for a discount of 10%, while orders of 100 or more will receive a 15% discount.

Provincial launches are being planned in the major cities of each province during September and October where Handbooks may be bought directly. Alternatively, order through e-mail: as they will not be available in bookshops in the short-term. AFAI has a SnapScan, EFT, cash or Paypal option.

For more information, contact Belisa Rodrigues at 021 465 9027/8 or