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Monday, October 5, 2015


What Derryn Campbell does in her second book, Absolutely Awesome South Africa, is encapsulate the vibrancy and soul of the country and its rainbow people.

There is much to celebrate as this comprehensive book of facts, figures, anecdotes, records and stories reveals.

Campbell’s first book, Awesome South Africa continues to be a best-seller. This second book, with its wealth of interesting information and humour, its modern and artistic layout and fine photography, builds on the first one and promises to engage and entertain yet again.

The content - from the flower safari, achieving sportsmen and women, icons, the nation’s favourite food to the wonders of nature, shopping, our style and innovations - will remind us why living in South Africa is a thrilling adventure.

Pure inspiration at a time we need it most, this book will be shared and enjoyed with great pride.

The book is available countrywide in bookstores just in time for Christmas and year-end gifts, or directly from