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Thursday, October 29, 2015


(Malcolm Christian, CEO of Caversham Centre)

Who can believe there are only two months left before Christmas? Be prepared - make your way along the winding road to Caversham, Santa's Textiles Wonderland in the Midlands.

To quote Caversham’s website: “Rising out of the Caversham legacy, Caversham Centre for Artists and Writers (CCAW) continues a more than 25 year-long tradition of excellence, innovation and commitment to those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to transformation and empowerment through creativity and the Arts. Since the establishment of the Centre was made possible by a WK Kellogg Foundation grant, the potential for legacy and succession-building has been addressed. Beginning with orthodox models that continued to use printmaking and the fine arts as vehicles for self-expression, programmes were initiated that developed inspirational leadership. These programmes used creativity and the arts that had resonance in communities and areas beyond those traditionally associated with the exclusivity of the fine arts.’

Caversham offers stunning products that make perfect presents for everyone. For the first time they have smaller pieces of fabric for sale at a giveaway price for a beautiful handprinted fabrics. There are also end-of-roll pieces at a discounted price as is an extensive range of fabrics on the roll that available to purchase by the meter.

It is Christmas, and it wouldn't be that festive time of year without some Christmas decorations? Crimson Laser once again have a selection of decorations to buy or order.

Have a wander around the studio and the vibrant, yet peaceful garden and recharge your soul before the chaos of the festive season.

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