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Saturday, December 12, 2015


(Liesl Coppin, Lisa Bobbert & Marion Loudon. Pic by Sean Laurenz)

Three of Durban’s most versatile and popular entertainers light up the stage with their incredible talent. (Review by Keith Millar)

They are called The Glitter Girls, and boy, that they certainly are. They shimmer, they sparkle, they sizzle, they shine and they light up the stage with their incredible talent.

They are three of Durban’s most versatile and popular entertainers, Lisa Bobbert, Liesl Coppin and Marion Loudon, who are currently performing their hit musical revue, The Glitter Girls, in the Playhouse Loft.

These ladies are a veritable tour de force. All three are natural comics who have more than average singing voices. They have oodles of charisma, and sassiness to burn. To be entertained by any one of them would be a treat, but to get all three together is magic. As a team they create a synergy and energy on stage that is electric. The audience are putty in the hands of these wonderful entertainers who have them clutching their sides and practically falling off their chairs with mirth.

The Glitter Girls tells the uproarious story of three old schoolfriends who attend the 25th reunion of the 1989 matric class of Scotsborough, or as they call it Skolliesville, High School. They re-live the great and not so great times, and remember passions and heartbreaks. They introduce weird and wonderful personalities from boyfriends to teachers some of whom are strangely reminiscent of characters we all encountered at school.

There are flashback scenes when, dressed in their school uniforms and with big hair, the girls return to 1989 to experience once again the times and sing the songs.

A hilarious highlight of the show is when the girls morph into their boyfriends of the time, and become cooler-than-cool dudes called Kenny de la Mer, Ruben Lipshitz and John Grey. No woman in the audience is safe from this trio of Lotharios.

Much of the story is told with music and songs from the likes of Bananarama, Eurythmics, Rihanna, Madonna, Abba, Duran Duran, Rick Astley, Bruno Mars and Robin Thicke.

There may have been some concern as to how a show originally written for supper theatre venues such as the Rhumbelow (and the now defunct Heritage Theatre) would work in a “real” theatre. Well, it works very well - particularly in the intimate Loft Theatre where the close proximity between performers and audience creates a very exciting ambiance.

The superb lighting and sound by the Playhouse technicians certainly made a big contribution to the success of this show.

Bobbert, Coppin and Loudon are all previous recipients of the prestigious Mercury Durban Theatre Personality of the Year Award. From the performances given in this production it is not difficult to see why. Bobbert is a first-class entertainer with impeccable comic timing and the other two are right up there with her.

The Glitter Girls is not just for the children of the 80’s but for anyone who enjoys excellent comedy/musical entertainment and dazzling performances. A visit to this show would be a perfect Christmas season treat.

The Glitter Girls runs in the Playhouse Loft until December 20 with performances at 19h00 from Tuesdays to Saturdays and matinees at 15h00 on December 13, 19 and 20. Tickets R155 (R120 students and pensioners). Booking is through Computicket on 0861 915 8000 or online at Alternately call the Playhouse Box Office on 031 369 9540 (office hours). – Keith Millar