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Sunday, February 28, 2016


(Tom Dennen as The Beggar)
Beggar is a film written and directed by Durban actor, scriptwriter and director Pranesh Maharaj.

This film borders on the docu-drama genre but remains a narrative, nonetheless keeping viewers glued to its story for 59 minutes. It is produced by Polart Productions and includes the participation of Shekho Entertainment. The executive producer is Anesh Dusrath, Line Producer is Lovie Ramasrai and Co Producer/Assistant Director is Pauline Dalais.

Beggar stars Blessing Xaba, Mohamed Haffejee, Ainsleigh Ingle, Maya Spector, Tom Dennen and an ensemble of co-stars.

Richard Ntuli is born into a middle class family living in a suburb outside the Phoenix area in Durban. His dad progressed enough to move away from the townships. All Richard knows about this democracy is that the likes of his father and the comrades who had fought for it are largely entitled to it. To him, the white man is still the enemy.

His childhood friend, Dinesh, is objective towards Richard’s woes. He is a ‘live and let live’ kind of guy but bears the brunt of Richard’s attitude. It doesn’t make sense to him that Richard hates white people yet is in love with a Coloured girl whose father is white. Even Dinesh comes with his share of baggage represented in his resentment of another Indian pupil, Enzy, who is constantly seeking attention.

The duo is tasked with an assignment to shoot wildlife for their film-making course at college. Soon after; they are confronted by a gangster who wants them to run drugs for him at a local club. Dinesh is observant in his humble way. Fuelled by the gangsters’ demeaning approach; Richard lunges at a Beggar who knocks on his window at the robot. This is when he decides that; what better wildlife to shoot than the two-legged kind? The boys start to film the Beggar for their assignment.

“Democracy is a political word. Socially the country has a long way to go. It is the mind-set of the young that needs to be nurtured. Whilst the past need not be forgotten; building this nation will need forward thinking; even though this too might come at a price. The Beggar holds the key to exposing corrupt officials and meets his demise this way. Although, the bigger key he held was his actual relationship with Richard,” explains Maharaj.

This is Polart Productions first film and the intention is to keep them coming exploring new platforms and mediums. Beggar is available for download from at a mere $1.00 (usd).