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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


The Tatham Art Gallery in Pietermaritzburg will host three more illustrated talks of approximately an hour each by Alleyn Diesel.

Diesel has a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Natal, where she taught in the Religious Studies Department. The talks will take place as follows:

March 5 at 11h00: Sacred Places and Spaces - From pre-historic sites like Stonehenge, and burial mounds in England, Ireland and France, to the temples and pyramids of Egypt, ancient Greek religious sites, as well as in caves, on mountains, near rivers and springs, to beautiful buildings from all religious traditions, humans have left evidence of their attempts to make meaning of this world and their experience of the numinous

April 2 at 11h00: Felines and Female Divinities - Since early human history, in many diverse countries, cats have been linked with strong, independent females. Goddesses from Inanna of Sumer, Cybele of Phrygia, the Goddesses of Minoan Crete, and many Egyptian cat goddesses bear witness to this phenomenon

May 7 at 11h00: Sacred Animals And Our Relationship With The Environment - Many deities (female and male) from many religious traditions have been associated with special animals, believed to express something of their character, and share their spiritual power

Each talk will take place in the Lecture Theatre in the Tatham Art Gallery and will last approximately one hour. Cost is R30 pp per talk and booking is essential through Reena on 033 392 2823 or email: or call or the Gallery Shop at 033 392 2828.

The Gallery Shop and Coffee Shop will be open from 10h00. Safe parking will be available in the Legislature grounds. The Tatham Art Gallery is situated opposite the Town Hall in Chief Albert Luthuli Street, Pietermaritzburg.