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Saturday, April 30, 2016


In January this year, Artisan Gallery had a most unexpected visitor: This was South African born artist, Guy Portelli VPRBA ARBS, who moved to England at a young age and went on to study at Medway College of Art. He even worked at the BBC's effects department on sets for Dr Who and Blake's 7. He is better known for his work as a sculptor and perhaps his (successful) appearance on Dragon's Den in 2008.

Upon his entrance to the gallery, owner Ingrid Lotter Smith noticed and admired his unique shweshwe lace-up shoes and mentioned the gallery’s plans for a "Shoe" exhibition. Portelli volunteered to do a painting of his special shoes, which he duly delivered to Artisan Gallery the next morning on his way to the airport!

By his request, any proceeds for the sale of his painting will be given to an animal charity or animal rescue/welfare group.

As Portelli’s work sells in the UK for high prices, it was decided to auction the work. Bidders who are not able to attend the opening on May 18 can submit a bid via email:

The submission deadline for the Shoes Exhibition is May 14. The exhibition opens on May 18

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