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Friday, June 3, 2016


(Darren Maule)

I got my comedy medicine well sorted for a good while to come. (Review by Priya Dala)

Comedy is always a winner. These times of uncertainty call for a healthy dose of it, and often. I attended the Never-ending Comedy Tour hosted by Darren Maule at the Waterman Bar, Durban Country Club on May 25 and I got my Comedy medicine well sorted for a good while to come.

Darren Maule - who is a well-known breakfast show host, actor, voice artist and, of course, comedian, - headlined an evening that had the audience in stitches. Charming and engaging as he is on radio, he eased the audience into what the evening would hold by bringing up a most poignant point – and that is: Live comedy shows are a safe space where we can say the things we should not be saying on social media, and laughing our heads off at sometimes uncomfortable stuff, all in good fun of course.

Needless to say, no topic was safe, and the audience loved it. Maule reminded us often that we are lucky enough to be in a country where there is so much diversity for us to laugh at. I totally agree. Our wide range of people, our politics and our unique South Africanisms make for good old-fashioned jibes. We need this in our serious lives.

Equally funny but in a bumbling sort of way was comedian and magician Magicman, who entertained possibly the front rows with a brand of card and coin tricks intermingled with funny inserts.(I was stuck way out the back to really get any of the magic tricks). But the ones who saw them, liked them.

A surprise act came in the form of EThekwini Speaker and man-about-town, Logie Naidoo. When I saw him swan in, I secretly hoped he would say a few words, as I’ve often heard he is very funny. And he was. It was the combination of knowing it was Logie, yet hearing him tell jokes as if you were at his home for dinner that worked. Of course, he has perfected the art of laughing at himself, often cutting to the joke before he knew Maule would obviously get him.

The highlight was very funny man, Martin Jonas. This guy is hilarious, and often he wouldn’t have to say much at all to collapse the audience (and me) into doubled-over laughter. His comedic timing is spot on, and he is obviously a people-watcher. Jonas was able to pick up the hilarious nuances in people, cultures or situations and he could turn all this observation into comedy. He rounded off a funny, happy evening with a line that I think sums up comedy well: “If you look, sometimes comedy just jumps out at you.” And how right he is.

The Never-ending Comedy Tour with Darren Maule will be playing at various cities and venues. The info is on the dedicated Facebook page, and tickets are R100 per person.

Maule encourages tweeting away (the show trended on the night, by the way), so tweet, tweet @DarrenMaule #TheNeverEndingComedyTour – Priya Dala